Family Life Office

Develops, supports and coordinates marriage and family ministry in its many dimensions throughout the Diocese of Little Rock

Helping Build Strong, Lasting Marriages

The Family Life Office develops, supports and coordinates marriage and family ministry in its many dimensions throughout the Diocese of Little Rock. Programs are offered for engaged and married couples, and resources are available for parenting, seniors and the bereaved. For more information, see details about these programs below, or email Elizabeth Reha, director of family life, or call her at (501) 664-0340, ext. 373. | Leer en español

Getting Married Guide

Getting married? Congratulations! Many decisions must be made from choosing the wedding dress and planning the honeymoon to picking the flowers and photographer. Because marriage is lifelong, the Catholic Church wants to help couples build strong, lasting marriages. For this reason, couples seeking marriage in the Church are asked to spend six or more months in marriage preparation, which includes an education program and Natural Family Planning (NFP). Couples participate in Pre-Cana Day, the Sponsor Couple program or some other diocesan-approved education program. This is determined with your pastor. | Contact Your Pastor | Register for Pre-Cana Day | Register for NFP | Español

Marriage Enrichment or Marriage Help

The Catholic Church cares about your marriage. Every marriage witnesses to God’s faithful, fruitful and lasting love for his people. Marriage confers numerous benefits on a husband and wife and the children they are blessed to have. The Diocese of Little Rock aims to help couples keep their marriages strong, happy and holy through programs designed to strengthen marriages or restore them. Worldwide Marriage Encounter (WWME) and Encuentro Matrimonial teach married couples a technique of loving communication they can use for the rest of their lives. Retrouvaille is for married couples facing difficult challenges. It offers tools to help couples with troubled marriages heal. | Calendar of Events | Español

Marriage Q&A

Q. What is the meaning of sacrament of marriage? A. Marriage is a covenant by which a man and woman form with each other an intimate communion of life and love (Catechism of the Catholic Church). In marriage a man and a woman mutually consent to give themselves to each other totally and exclusively in a union that is unifying, indissoluble and open to life. If the man and woman are both baptized, the union is a sacrament. To learn more, go to Marriage Q&A or About Catholic Marriage| Español

Married Outside the Church?

Convalidation class is a virtual marriage preparation program for couples married civilly (i.e., "outside the Catholic Church") who wish to have a valid marriage recognized by the Catholic Church. With the approval of your pastor, please register for a convalidation class at least one week prior to the event. Learn More | Register | Español