Basic Catechist Certification Program

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Catechist certification is a process for catechists in parishes and schools that ensures that those who teach the Catholic faith have the necessary understanding and knowledge to share the faith with those they teach. In 2023, the Faith Formation Office created a new program for adults in the Diocese of Little Rock to become certified as a catechist.

The 20-lesson, free online program offers video instruction presented by Arkansas clergy, religious and laity on Complete with a study group and renew annually. The lessons can be completed at any pace or sequence and should take 12 to 15 hours to complete. Each 20-to-30-minute video comes with questions to be discussed in a study group. Self-study does not count toward certification. To sign up, click on "Courses," then "Catechist Certification" followed by "Enroll Now" on the "Catechist Certification" course. Enroll now.

When completed, the course provides basic certification for one academic year. New courses are added throughout the year to Once certified, catechists need only to complete any one of the courses available online with a study group prior to July 31 to renew their certification for the upcoming academic year. Catechist Continuing Education

We also recommend the companion textbook, "An Evangelizing Catechesis", by Dr. James Pauley (OSV Press, 2020). To learn more, read Arkansas Catholic or watch the video below.