Understanding Our Church

Explore this treasury of Arkansas writers discussing the Catholic faith on a wide variety of topics. Find what you're looking for by browsing the whole list or search by keyword or author. All articles have been reviewed for theological accuracy. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Prayer in uncertain times should focus o relationship with God
Judy Hoelzeman
It is hard to conceive how many prayers God has listened to in this time of the Covid-19 crisis. Surely God’s prayer load has increased beyond our imagination.
In exchange for losing anonymity, sisters witness God’s tender love
Sister M. Glorea Knaggs, OSB
Before entering religious life, I took great pleasure in spending the occasional afternoon at Barnes and Noble. I loved sitting in a big armchair with my Starbucks, sampling books and periodically observing fellow patrons.
Experiencing grief, desolation, despair? Jesus knows how you feel
Betsy Wiederkehr Huss
Ever feel punched in the stomach, beat up emotionally, spiritually, physically and/or mentally? Ever feel anguish, sorrow, regret, woe or grief? Ever think you are the only one going through something or feeling the way you do?
God’s glory in nature, creation leads us to his presence in Mass
Jeff Hines
Jesus was a bird watcher. I get this from Matthew 6:26 where Jesus says, “Look at the birds …” Birds are a sign of God’s presence to me. It reminds me of a kayak trip last summer on Frog Bayou in western Arkansas. John Casey, our school counselor, invited me to join him and several others.
Jesus feeds us spiritually, physically through Eucharist and Word
Deacon Mike Cumnock
A life lesson I have learned from the monks of Subiaco Abbey is the use of Lectio Divina in my prayer life. The goal of the process is simply to bring myself into the presence of God through praying the Scriptures.
Literature often echoes faith, hope, sometimes without author realizing it
Edward C. Dodge
Years ago, students took my photo from the school website and used it to create a meme. The caption above my photo read: “‘Cat in the Hat Comes Back’ Symbolizes Resurrection.” We all had a pretty hearty laugh, primarily because it was true!
Trusting pro-life message means trusting God’s gift of human dignity
Father Erik Pohlmeier
As we mark another anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision we take our annual look at the moral, legal, cultural and controversial question of abortion. Forty-seven years later, there is no shortage of passionate commentary.
Inner strength, conviction results of living Christ in us
Father Jerome Kodell, OSB
In his best-selling DVD series, “Catholicism,” Bishop Robert Barron emphasizes as a primary principle of the Christian preaching that Christianity is not primarily a set of teachings or a moral program but is a life centered on the living Jesus Christ.
Child reminds us to be joyful receiving Communion
Agnes Tirrito
“Then the wolf shall be a guest of the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; the calf and the young lion shall browse together, with a little child to guide them.” (Isaiah 11:6)
Immaculate Conception not a holy day of obligation in 2019
Father Jason Tyler
In my parish, as in many parishes, we have to schedule major events far ahead of time. In May of every year, I sit down with parish staff and other ministry leaders to go over the events calendar for the next school year.