Catholic Adoption Services Pregnant Adopting Reunion Frequently Asked Questions

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Search and Reunion

Catholic Adoption Services was licensed in April 1984 and has since assisted with or completed hundreds of adoptions. Before we were licensed, the Diocese of Little Rock was involved in a number of adoptions that had a Catholic connection, and about which we now retain some limited information. Please contact us to see if we have any records of your adoption in order to assist you with the search and reunion process.

Medical Information

You may also make a request for background and non-identifying information from your file records. You will need to contact us and complete an Adoption Search Request form. You will also need to provide ID confirming your identity. There is a fee for the preparation of non-identifying information.

Consent for Contact

There have been changes in Arkansas adoption laws through the years. A consent process has been established that may assist the birthparents and the adoptee (over the age of 18) to make contact with the help of our agency through mutual voluntary consent.

Other Adoptions

If your adoption was not with our agency or through the Diocese of Little Rock, then you will need to contact the agency or attorney that completed your adoption. If your adoption was through the Arkansas Department of Human Services' Division of Children and Family Services, then sign up with the Arkansas Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry. For more information you may call them at (501) 682-8462.

How to Start

Contact us and one of our counselors will be able to answer your questions and discuss the search and reunion process. It is your choice whether or not you wish to proceed. We encourage you to provide information for your file. There is no fee for filing of consents and/or filing updated information at this time but there will be reasonable fees at a later date for actual search and reunion. One hour of reunion counseling is required for both the adoptee and birthparent prior to actually meeting.