Catholic Adoption Services Pregnant Adopting Reunion Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing two families together with the love we all share for a child

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How Families are Matched

Birthparents choose the parents by looking at confidential files that the adoptive parents create to show what they are like, individually and as a family. Most of the birth parents choose to meet the pre-adoptive parents prior to the birth of the child. A staff member from Adoption Services is present at all times to assist with these confidential contacts.

At this time, we are not completely open, which means we do not exchange last names, addresses and phone numbers. If all parties wanted this very strongly, if the correct legal procedures were followed, and if it is believed to be in the best interest of the adoptee and of the birthparents, then we can consider this option.

Medical Information

We promise to share with our adoptive families all the background, medical and social information that is available to us. We will advise you of any risk factors so that you make an informed decision about a potential adoption. We encourage families to get additional information from their physician and/or attorney before committing to an adoption. We will also give you additional information as it becomes available to us over the years, provided that you remain in contact with the agency.

Adoptive Parent Services

— Adoption counseling
— Free birthparent services
— Legal coordination
— Homestudy preparation for use with our agency
— Sliding scale placement fee for adoptive parents
— Adoptive placement blessing ceremony
— Post placement and aftercare services
— Confidentially
— Search and reunion assistance

Adoption Blessing Service

Most families choose to participate in an adoption blessing service where the adoptive parents, the child and the birth family join in thanking God for the miracle of the birth of this child. We see where God has answered the prayers of both families to bring them together in the plan for adoption. We pray for the child, birth parents, adoptive parents, other family members who are involved and for the agency. Sometimes a priest or a deacon assists with these ceremonies.

Thank You

We hope that this information will be helpful for you as you prayerfully consider what is best for you and your family and for a child who needs a family. You will need to have a lot of patience, determination and faith to continue in this process. We believe that adoption can be a wonderful choice for birth parents experiencing a problem pregnancy and for couples who so deeply want to become parents. We wish you well as you consider the option of adoption.