Understanding Our Church

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Lessons in 1 Timothy 6 remind us to pursue Christian values
Betsy Wiederkehr Huss
The reading for Sunday, Sept. 25 found in 1 Timothy 6 got me thinking, verses 11-12 especially. Some biblical translations use “pursue” or “avoid all this” but another uses “run away from all those things” when speaking of what one is to do or how we are to live.
Adults can pursue ‘six tasks of catechesis’ to grow in faith
Father Erik Pohlmeier
As a pastor I loved to welcome new members onto the parish council. I appreciated their desire to be involved and loved to watch their reactions to learning all that goes on in the parish.
Faithful can soak up word of God in Liturgy of the Hours
Deacon Mike Cumnock
One of my favorite summertime drinks is iced sun tea. It is easy to make during an Arkansas August. It just requires a little patience. Simply lay a few tea bags in water in a glass jar with a lid and place it in the sun.
St. Therese teaches love of neighbor in ‘little way’
Edward C. Dodge
Recently, the story of Sister Cecilia Maria, a Carmelite who lived in Santa Fe, Argentina, spread through Catholic news sites and on social media.
True freedom for Catholics is centered on choosing good
Deacon Matthew Glover
Just a couple of weeks back, we as a nation celebrated our Independence Day. No doubt many of us enjoyed food, family, fun and perhaps some fireworks.
Fundamental struggle of living Christian life is ‘battle of prayer’
Father Jerome Kodell, OSB
The title of one of the articles on prayer in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is disarming but also refreshing, and causes many of us to nod our heads in recognition: “The Battle of Prayer.” (nos. 2725-2745)
Hope is gift from God, but it’s our choice to put it into practice
Chris Thomas
“Our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father … has loved us and given us everlasting encouragement and good hope …” (2 Thessalonians 2:16)
Pfizer exercises moral conviction, as Little Sisters of the Poor aim to do
Father Jason Tyler
On May 13, the New York Times reported that the pharmaceutical company Pfizer would no longer sell certain drugs to state correction departments. Pfizer identified seven products that either have been used or are being considered for use in state execution protocols.
Persistence of mother’s love, prayers are linked to great spirituality
Paula Standridge
In the year 1302 there was a young man born in Florence, Italy, to the distinguished Corsini family. His parents had dedicated him to God before his birth, but despite this fact, the first part of his youth was spent with bad companions, vices, extravagances and immoral behavior.
'Wideness in God’s mercy' calls us to help abolish death penalty
Sister Joan Pytlik, DC
Pope Francis called for a moratorium on executions during the Year of Mercy and said the Fifth Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” applies not only to the innocent but to the guilty as well, according to a Catholic News Service article.