Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal 2021

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Click on the button above to donate online to the Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal, which supports religious vocations, Catholic schools and charities, faith formation, Hispanic ministry, diaconate formation, family life, our tribunal, pro-life activities and much more. To learn more, go to "What is CASA?"

Bishop Anthony B. Taylor kicks off the annual Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal (CASA) Feb. 6-7 in parishes across the Diocese of Little Rock with a recorded homily to be played during all Masses (in video or audio format). Pledge envelopes are also handed out asking parishioners to meet this year's $2 million goal. This year's theme is: "Love One Another As I Have Loved You." (John 13:34-35) In his homily, the bishop praised parishioners for their "generous spirit" in giving just as much to CASA in 2020 as in previous years "despite the pandemic and its effects," which allowed us "to continue operations amid all the restrictions imposed on us by COVID-19." (Leer en español)

"Today I come before you to ask you to do the same this year," he added. "CASA funds the operations of the diocese, including the offices that support ministry that occurs in your parish, plus services and programs that go beyond what any parish could ever do on its own." See a list of CASA-supported ministries in Arkansas Catholic. "Thank you so much for your faithfulness and for your generosity. And let us all pray that life will soon return to normal." (Read, watch or listen to his homily.)

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What is CASA?

Catholic Arkansas Sharing Appeal (CASA) began in 1990 to provide critical funding for the pastoral, educational and social needs of the Diocese of Little Rock. Through the generosity of Catholics our diocese, we have been able to help the poor, developing parishes and our Catholic schools to continue their ministries in promoting the teachings of Jesus. Donations have also helped to educate deacons, lay ministers and seminarians as well as make all ministries of the diocese a success. See What Your Donation Can Do or find a list of ministries supported through CASA by reading Arkansas Catholic.

At the start of the CASA campaign, parishioners are asked to turn in their pledge/gift envelopes, indicating their total gift and the method through which they will give it. They may choose from a one-time gift or pledge to be paid in monthly installments until the total gift is received. Donors may pay by check or credit card. To learn how to give to CASA, see Options for Giving. If you wish to donate online now, go to Online Giving.

What Your Donation Can Do

CASA supports religious vocations, Catholic schools and charities, faith formation, Hispanic ministry, diaconate formation, pro-life activities and much more. See the list below to find specific examples of how your contribution can help people in our diocese.

  • $25 — Can provide religious education books for two people.
  • $50 — Can provide a partial scholarship for a student to attend a Campus ministry retreat.
  • $135 — Can provide a scholarship for one youth to attend a Search weekend.
  • $150 — Can provide utility bill assistance through our family assistance program.
  • $250 — Can provide dental care for a patient at Westside Free Medical Clinic.
  • $500 — Can cover the cost of a work permit application for an eligible immigrant.
  • $700 — Can provide assistance in updating equipment for religious education.
  • $1,000 — Can provide a Project Rachel experience for a woman experiencing the pain of a past abortion.
  • $1,500 — Can provide Bibles and rosaries for people incarcerated in the criminal justice system for six months.
  • $2,000 — Can cover the legal fees for the adoption of a baby through Catholic Adoption Services.
  • $4,000 — Can provide a scholarship for one student to receive a Catholic education for a year in a parish school.
  • $36,000 — Can cover the expenses of educating one seminarian for one year.

Donate Online

Click on the button above to donate online to CASA. For more information, see Options for Giving, CASA Parish Materials, Bishop Taylor's homily or Contact Us.