Understanding Our Church

Explore this treasury of Arkansas writers discussing the Catholic faith on a wide variety of topics. Find what you're looking for by browsing the whole list or search by keyword or author. All articles have been reviewed for theological accuracy. Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Presentation of Jesus in the temple prepared him for ministry
Betsy Wiederkehr Huss
Feb. 2 is the date our Church calendar marks as the feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple. It occurs 40 days after the celebration of Christmas, a time period that was significant in the life of a faithful Jewish couple, such as Mary and Joseph.
Become aware of God’s love and presence in the here and now
Judy Hoelzeman
After the tragedies on Sept. 11, church attendance spiked. People flocked to churches and synagogues. According to a motivational psychologist, they went to church to calm their fears and to have profound questions answered.
Basis of Catholic interpretation of Bible differs from Protestants’
Abbot Jerome Kodell
Catholics are often criticized for not knowing the Bible as well as their Protestant brothers and sisters. Many Protestants are able to quote texts and to answer questions about their beliefs with a line from the Bible, while Catholics are not so quick on the draw.