Special collection to benefit seminarians

Published: March 26, 2015

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The Holy Thursday Collection for seminarian education will be held April 2. The money from this diocesan collection will support the educational and housing expenses for the diocese's 41 seminarians. It costs the diocese $1.3 million to educate these men annually. 

Msgr. James E. O’Connell started an endowment fund for diocesan seminarians more than 50 years ago. This fund has been invested through the years and was able to cover the costs of educating the seminarians until recently when the number of young men studying for the priesthood increased dramatically. Today the cost of educating one seminarian is $32,000 per year, which includes tuition, room and board, health insurance, and other needs.

With 41 seminarians, the fund can no longer cover these costs. We invite you to consider partnering with the diocese in preparing these young men for the priesthood. Please make your check payable to your parish or the Diocese of Little Rock. Look for special envelopes in your pews as we approach Holy Thursday. Donations can also be mailed to Holy Thursday Collection, Diocese of Little Rock, P.O. Box 7239, Little Rock, AR 72217.

To learn more about our seminarians, read or watch their vocation stories. For more information, contact the Vocations and Seminarians Office at (501) 664-0340.