Understanding Our Church

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Catholics do not worship Mary
Father Erik Pohlmeier
The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the honor of Mary, the Mother of God. There is probably no part of Catholic life so often misunderstood. Many claim devotion to Mary amounts to nothing more than worship that should be given to God alone.
Mass is act of worship designed by God, not to be judged by people
Father James P. West
Sadly, it seems that there has been a serious decline in this modern age in the understanding and appreciation of the Mass.
Reaction to life’s hardships determined by how we understand God
Judy Hoelzeman
Easter Sunday is over, but the paschal mystery remains. Every day of our lives involves dying and rising in Christ. When we experience an oversupply of dying — that’s when it gets tough.
Easter and springtime go hand in hand for many, but not everyone
Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB
When I was a student in Rome years ago, one of my close friends was a Benedictine monk from the Philippines who was working on a degree in liturgy.
Intelligent Design belongs in philosophy and religion, not science
Msgr. Richard Oswald
Fifty-two years ago, as a biology student at Catholic High School in Little Rock, my biology teacher introduced me to the theory of evolution.
Church teaches that death penalty is unnecessary, rarely justifiable
Deacon John Marschewski
Our readings for last Sunday talked about covenant — the covenant of love that Jesus gives us through his life, death and resurrection, his culture of life, which is an example for all of us.
Our view on end times focuses on Christ bringing about God’s plan
Charles T. Sullivan
In Catholic theology, any speculation concerning the end of time is called eschatology, a word from the Greek meaning “study of the last or final things.” Theologians make the distinction between individual eschatology (the study of the final condition of individual human beings) and universal es
Ordinary Time in the Church’s liturgical year is anything but ordinary
Father Erik Pohlmeier
The word “ordinary” usually brings to mind ideas such as “common,” “plain” or “mundane.” When the Church speaks of “Ordinary Time” a very different meaning is intended.
Gospel message delivered from different perspectives to reach all
Dr. Linda Webster
St. Paul would make an excellent instructor of public speaking in any of our contemporary universities. In the reading from 1 Corinthians, which we’ll hear this week, St. Paul explains how he analyzes his audiences in order to share the Gospel most effectively. (9, 19-22)
‘Didache’ shows today’s Christians how little has changed in Tradition
Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB
While he was on a trip to Constantinople in 1873, Orthodox Archbishop Philotheos Byrennios, who had been a professor of Church history, took the opportunity to browse in the ancient manuscript collection of the library of Holy Sepulchre Monastery.