Understanding Our Church

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‘Love your enemies’ was not an optional commandment from Jesus
Sister Rosalie Ruesewald, OSB
Love of enemy. Whatever happened to it? Imagine what this world would look like today if all Christians took seriously Jesus’ command and example of unconditional love for enemy as well as for friend.
References to teachings on Mary
Arkansas Catholic
The following are from the U.S. bishops’ Web site: www.usccb.org/catechism/text/glossary.htm. References from Catechism of the Catholic Church are in parenthesis.  
Mary’s wants us to learn from, become more like Christ
Father Raphael Kitz, OCD
It is often pointed out that Mary, Mother of Jesus and Mother of the Church, is mentioned rarely in the New Testament writings. Where she is presented, however, the Blessed Virgin is found at the heart of the mystery of Jesus Christ and the Triune God’s mystery of salvation for all humanity.
Mary's obedience paved way for incarnation
Arkansas Catholic
Chosen by God above all other women, the Blessed Virgin Mary’s faith and obedience paved the way for the Incarnation.
Patroness of the Americas, Our Lady of Guadalupe unites us
Patricia May, Fayetteville Correspondent - Arkansas Catholic
FAYETTEVILLE — Every Mexican child knows the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Juan Diego, but time hasn’t lessened the wonder of the details.
Catholics do not worship Mary
Father Erik Pohlmeier
The month of May is traditionally dedicated to the honor of Mary, the Mother of God. There is probably no part of Catholic life so often misunderstood. Many claim devotion to Mary amounts to nothing more than worship that should be given to God alone.
Mary garden good place for prayer, meditation
Arkansas Catholic
A Mary garden can be a place to pray and meditate on her life and example. For those who love to garden or are simply looking for a fun family project that honors Mary, consider planting a Mary garden.
Titles for Virgin Mary are numerous as well as universal
Tara Little, Associate Editor - Arkansas Catholic
The Gospel of John simply calls her the mother of Jesus, while the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke call her Mary. Through the centuries she has been given numerous titles such as Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady and even Mother of God, to educate and show devotion.
Marian titles chosen for one out of four churches in diocese
Malea Hargett, Editor - Arkansas Catholic
If one wonders how important Mary is in the Church, one can clearly see that she has a place of prominence in our parishes. One out of four Catholic churches in Arkansas is dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
Priest says his devotion to Mary has led him to her Son
Tara Little, Associate Editor - Arkansas Catholic
CARLISLE — A bumper sticker on Father Thomas Keller’s car window says, “If you can’t find Jesus, look for his mother!”