Understanding Our Church

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Missionaries are still needed to plant seeds of the Gospel in new ‘soil’
Father Erik Pohlmeier
This week the Church celebrates the memorial of the North American Martyrs. These eight men were the first and only canonized martyrs of the United States and Canada, canonized together by Pope Pius XI in 1930.
Social teaching is all about respecting life
Sister Mary Lou Stubbs, Dc, Special To Arkansas Catholic
A 16-year-old girl describing the lessons of a recent program based on Catholic social teaching said, “It’s all about respect for life.” This simple truth, clearly stated by one of our youngest Catholics, is the framework for all the Church’s social teachings and the ministries it carries out in
Chastity programs generate communication with teens
Keli Jacobi, El Dorado Correspondent - Arkansas Catholic
Living a chaste life goes much deeper than choosing to abstain from sex. That’s the message that Elizabeth Reha, family life director for the Diocese of Little Rock, has been trying to impart to young Catholics and their parents for more than 14 years.
Receiving God's mercy after abortion
Malea Hargett, Editor
Debbie Magee knows intimately what effects abortion can have on someone’s life.
Science’s evolution explains ‘how, ’while belief in creation tells us ‘why’
Charles T. Sullivan
One of the thorniest issues in public education today is the debate between the presumably contradictory theories of evolutionism and creationism.
Labor Day is chance for workers to be with families as God intended
Dr. Linda Webster
With Labor Day upon us, summer unofficially ends. Novelists and playwrights often use this modern holiday as literary device, foreshadowing a return to the humdrum and prosaic workdays filling the other three seasons.
Happiness is not in security, power or acceptance; it is unity with God
Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB
There is a story in the tradition of the Islamic Sufis about a man who lost the key to his house. His neighbor saw him hunting in the grass and when he found out what was wrong asked if he could help search for the key. “I would appreciate that,” he replied.
Through baptism all are united in the royal priesthood of Jesus Christ
Msgr. Richard Oswald
In an address to the clergy of Rome in February 1997, Pope John Paul II said, “To be a true help to young people and to all involved in the mission of the Church, and to live fully our own priesthood, it is essential to always to put Jesus at the center of our efforts. St.
‘Lectio Divina’ offers in-depth Scripture reflection and meditation
Charlotte Miller
Sometimes on TV we see the warning: “Do not try this at home.” Such an admonition would never be appropriate for prayer, however; we must “try it” at home, even though we sometimes feel we do not know how to pray.
Focus on what you can do for others rather than what you can’t
Sister Mary Lou Stubbs, DC
“Do not let the things you cannot do interfere with the things you can do.” I received that sage advice from a recent fortune cookie. As with many of the ordinary little things of daily life, it reminded me of a core set of scriptural lessons.