Diocese of Little Rock Statistics

Updated July 21, 2022

The following information came from the Official Catholic Directory. It was compiled from data collected in 2021.

Diocese Established: November 28, 1843

Diocesan Boundaries: 75 counties (52,068 square miles) that make up Arkansas. These fall into 8 regions that are called deaneries: Central, North Delta, North Ozark, Ouachita, South Delta, West Ozark, River Valley and West River Valley.

Bishop: Anthony B. Taylor

Abbots in Diocese: 1 (Abbot Elijah Owens, OSB, Subiaco Abbey)

Total Catholic Population: 158,378 people

Churches: 130 (parishes and missions)

New Parishes Created: 0

Number of Full-Time Professional Ministry Personnel in Churches: 163 (in addition to priests and deacons)

Diocesan Priests: 110 (active and retired)

Religious Order Priests: 33 (active and retired)

Extern Priests: 24 (from other dioceses)

Total Priests Serving in Diocese: 167

Seminarians: 32

Permanent Deacons: 77

Religious Sisters: 114

Religious Brothers: 25

Catholic Schools: 26 (Elementary, Junior High and Senior High Schools)

Total Catholic School Students: 6,750 (from Catholic Schools Office)

Total Catholic Students in PRE Programs: 13,403

Hospitals and Health Care Centers: 12

Homes for Aged or Chronically Ill: 29

Special Centers for Social Services and Assistance: 6

Total Marriages in the Catholic Church: 457

Infant and Minor Baptisms: 1,418

Adult Baptism and Adults Received into Full Commuion: 389

First Communions: 2,469

Confirmations: 2,375

Deaths: 1004