Catholic School Statistics

Updated Nov. 4, 2022

The following statistics are from Catholic schools in Arkansas. Also available is a map of Catholic schools in Arkansas. If you have questions about this information, please contact the Catholic Schools Office. For national statistics, visit the National Catholic Education Association.

Total Enrollment: 6,451 

This includes the enrollment in all 26 Catholic schools in Arkansas.

  • Elementary enrollment: 4,069
  • Secondary enrollment: 1,563
  • Preschool enrollment: 819

Makeup of Student Body

Each is provided as a percentage of all students.

Catholic: 76
Non-Catholic: 24

Percentage of Students by Ethnicity

Hispanic: 19
Non-Hispanic: 81

Percentage of Students by Race

Asian: 3
American Indian/Native Alaskan: 1
Black/African American: 2
Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0
Two or more races: 6
White students: 88

Makeup of Professional Staff

There are a total of 591 professional staffers working in Catholic schools. Their status is provided as a percentage of all professional staff.

  • Staff who are laypeople: 95
  • Staff who are Catholic: 74
  • Staff who are non-Catholic: 26

Tuition Rate for Elementary Schools

Average tuition rate in elementary school for first Catholic child: $4,320.18
Average tuition rate in elementary school for first non-Catholic child: $5,854.68

Tuition Rate for Secondary Schools

This includes St. Joseph School, Conway, Sacred Heart School, Morrilton, Catholic High School, Little Rock, Mount St. Mary Academy, Little Rock and Ozark Catholic Academy, Springdale. 

Average Catholic tuition rate of secondary school: $6,668
Average non-Catholic tuition rate of secondary school: $7,502

Oldest Catholic School: Mount St. Mary Academy in Little Rock, established in 1851

Mount St. Mary Academy was part of an effort by Bishop Andrew Byrne to support Catholic settlement in frontier Arkansas. Learn more from the school's website.