You are welcome to submit a prayer request to be posted on the diocese’s online Prayer Book of Intentions. These prayers are offered up at the noon Mass celebrated by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor and other priests on Wednesdays at St. John Catholic Center in Little Rock. We invite you to also pray for these intentions at your parish, school, religious community or prayer group.


Lord, Hear Our Prayers

My wife, Anna B., left our marriage of 5 years abruptly with divorce. We reconciled after the divorce for 1.5 years and she has left the marriage again abruptly. I pray that she receives help, softening of heart and enlightenment on marriage as taught in the Bible. I pray to GOD for marriage restoration with Anna or to send me a lifelong partner committing to marriage in sickness, health, and through good times and bad. I pray she is able to experience love and share her unconditional love.
SUBMITTED: Monday, April 29, 2019 - 12:29pm View this prayer

Please pray for Ada D. to pass her LPC course this June and secure the job. Please pray for Daniel G. to get a job immediately. We also would like to request a prayer for other people who still need God's help. Please let God touch their hearts and let them know that God never gives up on his people. Please pray for all other people that lost their love ones, let them be brave and strong in their life.
SUBMITTED: Sunday, April 28, 2019 - 3:29pm View this prayer

For the continued protection of God's mercy, health, happiness, peace, job security, financial security and safety of my family and extended family.
SUBMITTED: Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 3:54pm View this prayer

I have a dog, Nora, a collie. She's 9. She is my best friend, my only friend. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her. She has a growing lump on her leg. I took her to the vet; they said she needs to have surgery May 3 to have it removed. Then it can be biopsied. She's never had surgery. She will have to spend the day at the vet's. Please pray for it to go well and for her to be calm in a new scary enviornment. She's never been in a cage or kennel. She'll be so confused, frightened and worried. Please pray for God to fill her with peace, to guide the doctor's hand; and for Nora to be treated with the care and compassion she deserves. Please pray for the 7-8 hours to pass quickly for both her and I. Please pray for this experience to not traumatize her. She already hates when anyone leaves her. I don't want her to always think I'm going to leave her after I drop her off. Most of all, please pray for it to not be cancerous. Please pray that I am able to come up with the money needed in time. Please keep her in your prayers on May 3rd, and please pray for the doctors vigilance and perfection and for the pain to not be too bad. Please pray the time flies by for both of us that day and that I may I be reunited with her quickly. I know dogs sense the emotions of humans, so may I not be a bawling wreck as to not make this a more traumatic experience for her. I can't thank you enough for praying for her. Nora means the world to me, as would your prayers.
SUBMITTED: Friday, April 26, 2019 - 6:40pm View this prayer