Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Monday, March 29, 2021

June 2020 my husband was taken to jail and is currently in rehab in Brandon, Miss. for 11 more months. Our home in Vicksburg, Miss. will be in foreclosure the end of May. I've sold what I could in our house, saved up stimulus money and bought a camper so I could have somewhere to sleep when we loose our house. Having no family in Miss., I've moved my camper to Waldron, Arkansas to be near my son who is in Fort Smith with his fiancé and my grandbaby. From an ER visit I've found out last July that I have a cyst surrounding the nerve roots L4 and L5. With pain getting so severe I am unable to work. Not qualifying for Miis. Medicaid and no paper trail for disability, another reason for moving to Arkansas. I'm trying to find an acre of land within my budget that I can go off grid in case I'm unable to pay any bills. I also have goals with my new life here, serving God. I want to start a nonprofit for women one day. Go be able to help guide them and teach them that have been in the same position I've been in. Life has thrown me into a hole I was unable to get out of with no help. I learned to trust in God, and am determined to come out on top. My only focus in life now is God. I'm writing this asking for prayer. Prayer for guidance, and land so I can have somewhere to call home while I fulfill God's will for my life.