Holy Angels Convent

Congregation of Olivetan Benedictines (OSB)

Updated April 26, 2021

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The Olivetan Benedictine Sisters are a community of monastic women of diocesan right who seek God through prayer and work under the Rule of St Benedict. Accordingly, they proclaim Jesus Christ and the Gospel message through service to each other in community, hospitality, health care, education and other apostolic works. They are the founders and religious sponsors of St Bernards Healthcare. They live in community, pray the Divine Office together, participate in daily Mass and make time each day for personal prayer. The sisters are based at the motherhouse in Jonesboro but may be sent to serve on mission elsewhere. For more information, visit Holy Angels Convent.

Prioress: Mother M. Laura Cathcart, OSB
1699 County Rd. 766
Jonesboro, AR 72405
P.O. Box 1209,
Jonesboro, AR 72403
Phone: (870) 935-5810
E-mail: secretary@olivben.org


Sr. Ann Marie Ferricher, OSB
Sr. Johanna Marie Melnyk, OSB
Sr. Lillian Marie Reiter, OSB
Sr. M. Angeline Massery, OSB
Sr. M. Catherine Luttmer, OSB
Sr. M. Cecilia Nguyen, OSB
Sr. M. Christopher Flowers, OSB
Sr. M. Deborah Coffey, OSB
Sr. M. Dominica Wise, OSB
Sr. M. Eileen Schneider, OSB
Sr. M. Elaine Willett, OSB
Sr. M. Glorea Knaggs, OSB
Sr. M. Helen Herbstritt, OSB
Sr. M. Jeanette Bayer, OSB
Sr. M. Josita Lopez, OSB
Sr. M. Romana Rohmer, OSB
Sr. M. Therese Johnson, OSB
Sr. M. Virginia Baltz, OSB
Sr. Maria Christi Cavanaugh, OSB
Sr. Maria Rose Carter, OSB
Sr. Marilyn Doss, OSB
Sr. Mary Beth Hackley, OSB
Sr. Mary Clare Bezner, OSB
Sr. Mary John Seyler, OSB
Sr. Marya Duscher, OSB
Sr. Miriam Burns, OSB
Sr. Therese Marie Kintzley, OSB

Convento de los Santos Ángeles

Congregación de Benedictinas Olivetanas (OSB)

Para más información, visite la el Convento de los Santos Ángeles (en inglés)

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*Hna. Mary Clare Bezner, OSB
1699 County Rd. 766
Jonesboro, AR 72401
Teléfono:  (878) 273-6872
Correo electrónico: HACvocations@yahoo.com