II Theology

Tuan Do, St. Patrick Church, North Little Rock

Attends Saint Meinrad Seminary in St. Meinrad, Indiana

My name is Dominic Tuan Khac Anh Do, and I come from a Catholic family in Vietnam. From my earliest years, I was immersed in a loving environment fostered by my parents and siblings. Our regular visits to church as a family allowed me to become familiar with the rosary and other Catholic prayers. It was during these moments of devotion that my admiration for priests and their work began to blossom.

As I matured, my passion for God and Catholicism deepened. I devoted myself to studying the Scriptures and the lives of the saints. In Vietnam, I had the privilege of meeting a priest who recognized my potential and encouraged me to consider a vocation to the priesthood. His affirmation brought me immense joy and fortified my determination to serve God and his people in this sacred role. Observing the life of this priest instilled in me the values of devout Catholicism and ignited my aspirations to fulfill my dream of becoming a priest.

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey to the United States, bringing with me the burning desire to pursue my calling to the priesthood. I found a profound connection with the peaceful nature of this country and the warmth of its people. By God's grace, I crossed paths with Father Louis Tuyen Do, who introduced me to the extraordinary community of the Diocese of Little Rock. I am profoundly blessed to have encountered Father Jack Vu, Msgr. Scott Friend and especially Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, who welcomed me with open arms and wholeheartedly supported my lifelong dream. The reception, support, and prayers from the people here have deeply touched my heart.

Being a seminarian in this diocese has been a remarkable and inspiring journey. The diocese has provided unwavering support throughout my vocational formation. The kindness and love I receive daily from the people of the diocese reaffirm my calling as their future priest. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to grow spiritually and personally as a seminarian in this vibrant diocese.

My formation as a seminarian has been enriched through various educational experiences at the House of Formation, Assumption Seminary and Saint Meinrad Seminary. These institutions have equipped me with comprehensive training in Church teachings and have laid a solid foundation in academics, personal growth, spiritual understanding and practical preparation for future pastoral ministry.

Through these programs, I have delved deeper into philosophy and theology, enabling me to apply these teachings practically in preaching and living out my faith. I completed one year of the English program at the House of Formation and spent four years studying philosophy at Assumption Seminary. Currently, I am pursuing my theological studies at Saint Meinrad. These seminaries have provided me with a well-rounded education in Church teachings, empowering me for my future as a priest.

The training programs offered by these seminaries have allowed me to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in preaching and living a faithful life. Graduating with a major in philosophy provided me with a strong foundation for my theological studies until now, as these two disciplines are intricately connected, nurturing my faith and deepening my relationship with God.

Studying at Saint Meinrad has further nurtured my spiritual growth and personal development, bringing me closer to the realization of my calling to the holy orders of priesthood. My time at Saint Meinrad has been incredibly fulfilling, as it has become both a credible school and a loving home where I discovered my growing vocation through love and ministry.

The study of the Bible and theology continue to fascinate me greatly as it nourishes my love for our beautiful Catholic doctrines. As a future priest, I aspire to foster faith among the Catholic community by utilizing Scripture, language and ministry.

In terms of my spiritual formation, my primary goal is to cultivate a deep connection with God and develop an ever-deepening friendship with Jesus. To achieve this, I dedicate myself to clearing my mind and genuinely listening to God, recognizing his care for me. I study and learn about prayer, setting aside regular silent moments to communicate with God. These quiet moments bring me profound happiness and peace within my soul.

The Eucharist holds the utmost significance in my life, as it gives me strength through the presence of Jesus' body and blood. During eucharistic adoration, I experience a profound connection with God, as his love fills my heart. The life and faith of Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan have profoundly impacted my calling. His unwavering devotion to the Eucharist and his endurance through suffering for his faith in Jesus Christ serve as powerful inspirations. I have learned from him that the Eucharist depends on the presence of a priest, and the vocation of a priest depends on the love, support and prayers of the Catholic community.

I am particularly drawn to loving and serving the poor and sinners. Engaging in charitable acts brings me closer to others and allows me to express love for my fellow human beings. Witnessing the kindness and love of the poor and sinners has shown me that God is present within them, deepening our bond through His love.

I believe that I am developing essential skills necessary for my future ministry, enabling me to bring God's love to the elderly, the poor and the vulnerable. Assisting people in various circumstances, such as those in hospitals, immigrants, youth and through campus ministry, is a significant responsibility. Collaborating with and understanding others while offering help and respect is a blessing that strengthens my faith and love for God and humanity.

Finally, I want to express my profound gratitude to God and the people of the diocese for their unwavering support of my vocation. The love I have received from the people of this diocese is indescribable and their incredible efforts continue to amaze me.