Social Action Office

A justice education, legislative lobbyist and community involvement ministry of the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock

Social Action in Arkansas

The Social Action Office fosters action on behalf of justice and peace within the Catholic Diocese of Little Rock. It serves as a voice for the poor and the powerless through justice, education, advocacy and community involvement. For more information, Contact Us.

Why is the Church Involved?

The Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church tells us that a sin against the common good and its demands is a social sin that “refers to the relationships between the various human communities. These relationships are not always in accordance with the plan of God, who intends that there be justice in the world and freedom and peace between individuals and groups.” This is why our advocacy work in the diocese is so important, especially when the legislature is in session and public policies and relationships are being determined.


When appropriate, the Social Action Office takes the lead in educating and mobilizing Arkansas Catholics on social issues. Details on the Church’s position on issues are sent to parish social action representatives on a timely basis. This is done in the following ways:


This office educates and promotes Catholic Social Teaching (CST), the consistent life ethic and the social mission of the Catholic Church. To learn more, read the Seven Themes of Catholic Social Teaching


This office supports legislative advocacy activities in the Diocese of Little Rock by studying state legislation to determine if proposed bills are “for” the common good or “against” the common good (i.e., follows the principles of CST). The office also interacts with state representatives and senators to educate them on the Church’s position on pending legislation. For more information, contact Dennis Lee, chancellor for administrative afairs, at (501) 664-0340, ext. 308.


This office collaborates with other diocesan offices as well as interfaith and community groups on issues of common concern.


This office sends information to pastors about social issues being discussed by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and how it relates to Catholics in the pew.