In Spirit and Truth Curriculum Guide

Updated June 27, 2023

The "In Spirit and Truth Curriculum Guide" applies to all PreK through eighth grade Catholic schools in Arkansas. It offers school administrators and classroom educators identifiable objectives for each subject area. The objectives assist in developing appropriate expectations for each grade in relation to the entire subject area, thus assisting in planning short- and long-range goals and periodic evaluation. This document was revised in 2008 by the Office of Catholic Schools in consultation with educators from various Catholic schools in the Diocese of Little Rock. The guidelines are available for download below by subject. Right click on the desired PDF file and select, "save file as" to download to your computer.

By Subject



Language Arts (Revised 2017)

Mathematics (Revised 2018)


Physical Education (Revised 2019)

Pre-kindergarten Development

Religion (Revised 2020)

Science (Revised 2020)

Social Studies (Revised 2022)

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