Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Saturday, September 2, 2023

Pray for Valentine's family to settle in Bangalore in the year 2024. Bless Neha with a bank, job; government job in Bangalore; for Nikita to be placed in the best company of engineering in Bangalore. Bless Vellu, Judy with good health good jobs in Bangalore; bless Neha, Nikita with suitable loving, holy, understanding, Catholic life partners who will keep Vellu, Judy in their homes. Heal Nehas' and Nikitas' eyes and uterus; heal Jairuss' kidneys from cancer; heal Nehas' throat and eyes completely from auto immune disease; heal Judy from cancer, depression, anxiety, phobia panic attacks, phobia insomnia, diabetes; heal Vellu' and Jalaja' from liver problems; deliver Valentine's Arun's Jeevans Jairuss families and families of Vellus siblings from ancestral bondages, physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual faculty; deliver us from cancer and all the ailments of body and mind; deliver us from comitting sins in thoughts, words, deeds, sight and in dreams; deliver us from evil spirits; bless our finances; grant salvation for the departed souls of Mathias' and Andrade's family tree and geneology; deliver Vellu from drinking alcohol completely