Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Please pray for my two teenage sons Benedict and Raymond, who had a fight in December 2014. They were so close to each other until the day they had this fight regarding electronic gadgets. They don’t talk anymore since then. Last March 10, Raymond was irritated by the electric guitar Benedict was playing while he was studying. Raymond was not able to control his temper and punched Benedict on the face. Benedict got out of the house feeling so bad about the incident. My husband and I were not around at that time. Please help us pray for them, to open their mind and forgive each other. Soften their hearts to understand one another and heal the wound they have done to each other. Please help us pray for them to reconcile and make our family of 5 be happy again. It hurts to see your sons not in good terms to one another. Our eldest son is autistic (functional) and he does not understand why his two younger brothers are not that close anymore.