Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Patrick is someone who keeps people at a distance. At a young age, he was sexually abused by a Catholic priest and he has carried that burden of shame, guilt, pain, sorrow, anger and resentment for decades. Patrick has a part of him that clearly believes in God, but is so broken and angry that he runs from God’s love and faith. Patrick needs to confront his past, forgive Catholic Church members that never helped him/who hurt him/betrayed him. Patrick needs strength to finally speak outloud the pain he has kept locked up. God needs to humble him, break apart pride and self-righteousness and change him into a better man. There is still that child in him that cries out for God’s love, comfort and mercy. He needs love, compassion, mercy, trust to be whole, hope, courage, love, faith, restoration, redemption, forgiveness. That he wants me in his life, despite hurting me, to understand me and the pain I’ve endured. To know I would never hurt him like others have hurt him. God gives signs and reminders about me, so that he can’t forget me and know that I care deeply for him. I pray God speaks to him and answers him. I pray God helps him to stop being angry and softens his hardened heart. Pray God breaks apart any evil spirits of hate, rage, shame, resentment, pride, lies, ego, self-righteousness and any negative emotions or thoughts. Pray he learns to forgive himself and to love himself. Pray he is able to confront his past, heal from it and move on. Pray God speaks to him in a way that Patrick has to acknowledge his hurt, so God may heal him. Pray God repairs/fixes our relationship.