Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Sunday, October 8, 2017

Okay, so God know's where I am, and what my needs are... He's been sending me messages in ways only God can or will. And He said, "If I can build a castle in the middle of the desert without scaffolding, I can MAKE YOU HAPPY." For years I've asked if where I am is where I'm supposed to be - and though the devil would confuse whatever answer I would hope to get, no doors ever opened for me to go anywhere else. I am not happy. I miss my joy. I miss my family. I want to sing my face off to whoever will listen as it is the ONE gift I have that makes me happy. Anyway, I need God to Champion me in a way that's for me, in a way that I know I'm safe and loved and that my future is in His hands. I asked God for years for a deep abiding love from a life partner, a Christian man who was humble, kind, devoted, adoring, loyal.. I want my son's mind to clear and his life to be straight. A husband who adores me. And a purpose. I have two beautiful grandbabies I live too far away from to see often. There's a whole lot I need - a job, a REAL job, I'd hope it was in music. A family, a purpose and a life partner. One other thing... I want to thank God for not casting me aside and for allowing me to stand on my belief's no matter how shaky the ground, he's held me still and kept me from falling prey to the world and other people. Thank you Lord. Thank you so much for keeping people away from me who might do me harm and keeping me from making bad or scary decisions. I am grateful that "He Knows My Name". Amen.