Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Jesus, Mary, Joseph I love you - Save souls ! Blood of Jesus - have mercy on us! Kindly pray for my US Green Card and Citizenship which is severely delayed. Offering up the USCIS professionals - every hands and minds dealing with our immigration papers - Biometrics, EAD, Approval notices, Change of Status, Green Card approval. By the power of the Immaculate Heart - hasten the process of stamping, Green Card and US Citizenship without any RFEs, Interviews or Questions. Offering up my current jobless situation to the Immaculate Heart, until I get this green card. For courage and an increase of faith, supernatural faith, hope and love; supernatural courage & wisdom, supernatural confidence to deal with the career, job, ministry and future related uncertainties. Establish us Mother Mary, with peace, stability and security in this land and not to be shuttled around. Please Mother Mary and Holy Spirit - start moving people in my favor. Give me an Abrahamic faith to see the impossibilities moving and to believe that with God everything is possible. Blood of Jesus, break the power of sin, death, failure and curse operating in my life - the spirit of drunkenness, misfortune, sloth, gluttony, anger, fear and shame. For a breakthrough in my life, my family and my community. Mother Mary, by the power of the blood of Jesus please break all evil bondages, curses, evil curses up on my family - immediate family, paternal and maternal family tree my community covering the past 15 generations. May the spirit of bondage, slavery and sin be dissolved by the blood of Jesus. Please heal me Bless me and my family tree with a long full life - keep all our near and dear ones safe  Ave Maria. Amen!