Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Monday, March 13, 2017

I have a couple of prayer requests. Can please share with your prayer team please. Can you please pray That Tom K. would realize that he loves me deeply and can and does not want to live without me and realize that he need God more and that he would call me up and ask me too marry him again and really follow thru. That he realize and change the things he did wrong that caused me too break it off. I love him deeply but I cannot change him only God can. That he will get his ex-wife completely out of his life. He wants to keep her as a friend and it is wrong because she still wants to be with him. I also need a good paying job in my field I am It tech (computer close to home one that I will do well at. The last thing is that my Mother would stop be so mean to me and controlling and treat me with respect. She knows the lord but she treats me terrible at times. Thank you, Toni