Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Sunday, September 10, 2023

Dear Trinity God, please forgive our sins and have mercy on us and our pets. Please end the pandemic soon; protect and grant help to the persons with disabilities, the homeless, the poor and the sick. We ask for divine protection, NO fire, NO tribunal, NO eviction, and NO harassment. Stop action from authorities. Completely stop harassment from the landlord. We ask the Holy Spirit to inspire Victor to complete all legal letters and actions before the deadline to stop eviction. We ask for dutiful lawyers, impartial judges and adjudicators to be assigned to our case. We ask for financial grace enough for all 3 legal fees and buying nutritious groceries. We ask PC and OC to open doors for us to be able to access all records. Lord, leads us to caring doctors and kind priests. We pray we are able to keep the doctor’s appointment on Oct. 24. Please help me to find and remember all email passwords to get into email accounts. Through Jesus, I ask. Amen. — Joyce