Prayer Request

SUBMITTED: Friday, December 1, 2017

1. Africa; 2. Middle East 3. weak the action of the demons; 4. Brazilian public schools; 5. help me when I grow old or fall sick; 6. Brazilian slums 7. schizophrenic people; 8.working people from Uberlandia 9. all victims of all wars (dead) 10. Tsuyoshi S. (dead) 11. Yoko H. 12. dysfunctional families; 13. a happy marriage for me; 14. Erika S. and her family 15. Yoshio doctor work and hospital; 16. Monsanto Uberlandia; 17. Brazilian political corruption; 18. Sanae: special graces (brain, compassion, wisdom, goodness, kindness, patience) 19. Sanae n.l.(for future): nun vocation (IQ 137) ,monastery, developed country or Amish woman (IQ 130: good with numbers); quiet death. special gift: Dom W. be discharged from UAI Martins hospital 21. disturbing and indifferent souls: improve self-control and obsessions; 22.Web design ufu; 23. tenant 24. for future (n.l.): stronger eyes; 25. apathy and poor memory 26. protect me from attack of spirits in the future (Sanae)