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Encuentros de Promoción Juvenil (Encounters of Youth Promotion) is a Catholic movement of young adults (ages 18-27) who evangelize their peers to accept the Gospel, live their vocation and take on leadership roles in Christian groups in their communities. It is modeled after Cursillo. To learn more, see the brochure. (en español)

EPJ's educational approach emphasizes human and spiritual development, group work, community prayer, Mass attendance, reflection and the sharing of experiences. EPJ announces and bears witness to Christ by rallying young people around the fundamental values of Christianity and helping them to mature in the faith.

EPJ was founded by Father José Maria Pujadas Ferrer in Medellín, Colombia in 1968. The Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Laity recognized EPJ as an international association of the faithful of Pontifical Right in 1996. Today, the program is operating in 14 countries including the United States. An emproista is the name given to a person who has made an EJP weekend. Each year, emproistas celebrate Dec. 9 as International EPJ Day to honor the program's founder Father Pujadas, who died on Dec. 9, 1984.

EPJ Diocesan Promoting Team

  • Coordinator — Enrique "Kike" Ventura (501) 952-4470
  • Substitute Coordinator — Melissa Rangel (501) 529-2919
  • Secretary — Paulina Vazquez (479) 453-0323
  • UCL — Claudia Lopez (501) 269-3405

To learn more about EPJ, visit the Vatican's website, contact Sr. María Lourdes Moreno Granados, MCP, associate director of Hispanic youth ministry, at (501) 664-0340, ext. 320, e-mail or visit EPJ on FacebookInstagram or YouTube.