Year of Parish Eucharistic Revival

Sunday, June 11, 2023 - Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Location: Nationwide
Contact: Father Juan Guido
Phone: (501) 225-6774

The Year of Parish Revival is part of the National Eucharistic Revival, which began in 2022 and continues through 2025. The first year of revival allowed clergy and diocesan leaders to build the foundation for this movement to thrive at the parish level. During the parish yeareach parish is invited to: reinvigorate worship, create moments of personal encounter, engage in robust formation and send Catholics forth as missionaries. These are known as the four pillars (invitations) of the eucharistic revival. | How to Guide | Video Playlist

  • Reinvigorated Worship — Parishes renew emphasis on the beauty of the liturgy (Video)
  • Personal Encounter — Parishes host monthly "Encounter Nights" featuring eucharistic adoration and the sacrament of reconciliation (Video)
  • Robust Formation — Parishes host “Jesus and the Eucharist” study groups and incorporate kerygmatic and eucharistic homily series (Video)
  • Sending Missionaries — Parishes implement "Invite One Back" campaign to bring lapsed brothers and sisters home and recommit to serving the poor in their communities (Video)

For more information, contact Father Juan Guido, diocesan director of divine worship, at (501) 225-6774.