Decline to Sign Abortion Petition

Updated June 25, 2024

"A petition is currently being circulated in Arkansas to place an amendment on our November 2024 voting ballots that would change our state constitution to allow abortions until 18 weeks after conception. As bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, I urge all Catholics and all people of good will not to sign this petition." — Bishop Anthony B. Taylor, Feb. 12, 2024

Bishop Taylor is encouraging Catholics not to sign a petition that could put a state constitutional amendment on the November ballot to allow unrestricted abortion “within 18 weeks of fertilization.” The proposed ballot measure, called the Arkansas Abortion Amendment, would even, in certain cases, allow abortion up until the time of birth. | Read His StatementEn Español

Know The Truth

"Mothers who face an unplanned or difficult pregnancy deserve love, compassion and real support — not abortion." — Catherine Phillips, diocesan respect life director

  • Abortion, the direct and intentional killing of a child in the womb, is never morally permissible.
  • Abortion is never medically necessary. It does not treat or solve any pregnancy-related complication.
  • It is not the same as treatment for miscarriage, because in miscarriage the baby has already died.
  • This amendment would even deny our state government the ability to pass laws for the protection of women seeking abortion, like requiring ultrasounds to determine a baby’s age or requiring that the mother is informed and gives her consent for the abortion.

"We pray that the sponsors of the Arkansas Abortion Amendment will not be able to collect enough signatures to proceed with their efforts to change our state constitution and permanently allow unrestricted abortion through the first 18 weeks of a baby’s life. Signature drives are currently underway across our state. Please do all you can to help people understand that it is important to decline to sign the petition," added Phillips.

Resources to Share

The following materials are available to share on social media, email and in parish bulletins and websites. For more information about these materials, please contact Malea Hargett at (501) 664-0125.

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