Deacon Candidate — Class of 2022

Ramón Argueta, St. Joseph Church, Conway

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Why do you want to be a deacon?

I feel the call to serve. Each time I attend Mass I feel happy whenever I serve with the priest as an extraordinary minister of communion in the holy Mass. I feel the desire to serve on the altar as a deacon. Also, I’d be able to serve the community in different ways and the Church more fully by administering the sacraments, and by serving in different ministries. I believe I can be a bridge between the people and the Church as I have served the community for many years, and believe it is time for me to take the next step in formation, to grow as a person and to serve the community.

Also Known As: Juan Ramón Argueta

Married To: Teresa de Jesús Argueta

Profession: Construction

Interests and Hobbies: Gardening, going out to the river or the lake with my sons and playing baseball with my son who is playing for the school team