Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus

Cloistered, Discalced Carmelite Nuns (OCD)

Updated Aug. 18, 2023

This community of Carmelites nuns came to Arkansas in 1950 from Loretto, Pennsylvania. Their patron, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, who with St. Elijah, teaches them to listen to and ponder the word of God within, offering a silent, prophetic witness to the truth that God is absolute. Fostering intimate friendship with Christ, they follow the teachings of St. Teresa of Jesus, their mother and foundress and her companion, St. John of the Cross. They strive to live a hidden life of prayer in a small, familial setting (13-21 nuns), while observing papal cloister through a balanced structure of solitude and community in liturgical prayer, private and communal, work and recreation. For more information, visit the Carmel of St. Teresa of Jesus.

Prioress: Sr. Lucia Ellender, OCD
7201 W. 32nd St.
Little Rock, AR 72204-4716
Phone: (501) 565-5121


Sr. Andrea Mary Fulmer, OCD
Sr. Anu Maria Jose, OCD
Sr. Bernadette Dixon, OCD
Sr. Camilla Mary Marney, OCD
Sr. Cecilia Chun, OCD
Sr. Maria Cruz DeLeón, OCD
Sr. Josefina Rose Butler

Sr. Mary Petra Masek, OCD
Sr. Mercia Mary Bowie, OCD
Sr. Stephanie Marie Turner, OCD