Help Arkansas Catholic reach millennials

Published: April 5, 2018

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Click on the link above to help Arkansas Catholic invest in technology to reach a new generation of Catholics.

Arkansas Catholic is launching its biannual Guardian Angel membership drive this week. Since 2010 the Diocese of Little Rock newspaper has appealed to readers to donate to several special projects, including digitizing back issues and investing in technology to reach younger Catholics. While any donation is appreciated, the membership levels are:

Angel — One-time gift of at least $60 or a recurring gift of $5 a month

Archangel — One-time gift of at least $120 a year or a recurring gift of $10 a month

Evangelist — One-time gift of at least $300 a year or a recurring gift of $25 a month

All money is placed in a restricted account and only used to help the communications ministry improve its technology and undertake projects to reach younger Catholics. Visit Arkansas Catholic to learn more or make a donation. For more information, e-mail Malea Hargett, editor, or call (501) 664-0340.

The Guardian Angel campaign was developed to preserve the fragile, bound volumes of the newspaper back to its first issue in 1911. Through the generous donations of hundreds of donors, these back issues were digitized, indexed and posted online.

They are searchable and available to anyone for free. Search the ArchiveOnce that project was completed, Arkansas Catholic focused the appeal on reaching younger Catholics by investing in the technology they use.