You are welcome to submit a prayer request to be posted on the diocese’s online Prayer Book of Intentions. These prayers are offered up at the noon Mass celebrated by Bishop Anthony B. Taylor on most Wednesdays at St. John Catholic Center in Little Rock. Please pray for these intentions at your parish, school or prayer group.


Lord, Hear Our Prayers

Please keep the Cárdenas Vázquez family in your prayers, that God may grant them comfort and strength during this difficult time.
SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 9:56am View this prayer

For Danielle, a recovering heroin addict. For her to know God's love and for her recovery.
SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 7:58am View this prayer

Please keep me in your prayers that I might find gainful employment. I teach a couple of classes and substitute, but it doesn't seem to make ends meet. Please pray that I may find a job where I can practice my faith as well.
SUBMITTED: Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - 12:09am View this prayer

Holy Lord please bless Joel and Cesar. Heal them from all illness. Protect them from all evil and all enemies. Bless their home and job and help them prosper. Amen
SUBMITTED: Monday, February 20, 2017 - 12:30am View this prayer

My prayer request is that I will receive all from our Creator's benevolent will that I've been appointed to receive (before I was even born) both in this life and the next, but above all the next life.
SUBMITTED: Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 9:35pm View this prayer

My friend Kyle went in for a surgery on his forehead and a tumor was discovered. He is awaiting biopsy results to determine if this tumor is cancerous and healing from complications from this surgery. Kyle is a 32-year-old husband to Jill, and father to three young children. He is an active member of the U.S. Marine Corp and faithful Catholic. Praying for peace and healing.
SUBMITTED: Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 7:38pm View this prayer

For Dani's openness and receptivity to the merciful love of Jesus, and for an ever-deepening conversion in her life, that she may come to know the Father's heart and her identity which is found only in it. For the softening and openness of her heart to receive healing and reconciliation, and for Dani's courage to embrace the Cross and follow Jesus without reservation or hesitation. For healing and reconciliation in her life and in her relationship with Luke, that she may be unafraid to forgive, trust, and love selflessly. If the Father will grant it, please pray that Dani and Luke may soon be reconciled in relationship and, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that they may be united in sacramental marriage and raised up as witnesses to each other and all whom they encounter of the merciful love of Jesus. Please pray for their docility to the voice and promptings of the Holy Spirit, and for their spiritual and physical protection at this time, that the Lord will shower upon Dani and Luke the grace that they need to be holy and to become the saints He has made them and is calling them to be.
SUBMITTED: Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 11:16am View this prayer

Please pray that my daughter be delivered from any inclinations and influences towards homosexuality. Her heterosexual relationships have been heartbreaking, and I pray that others do not influence her in this direction. I pray that God will place a decent guy into her life so that she can share a heterosexual romantic relationship free of sexual immorality. Free her from wanting to drink alcohol and those whose are influencing her to do so. May she focus and prioritize her academics and striving to be an excellent student and not let anything distract her from this. Pray that she follow the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit in all she does and will have the strength to reject the temptations of Satan. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer!
SUBMITTED: Friday, February 17, 2017 - 12:42pm View this prayer

Please pray for the intercession of my husband Patrik, let him seek God,l et him to be humble, let him love his wife and children to restore our marriage and family. Please pray for a fence of thorns between him and the woman for whom he left us.
SUBMITTED: Thursday, February 16, 2017 - 4:14am View this prayer

Pray for my family will have a safe and good day and walk.Pray for my marriage and family. AF will have good health and jealousy will stop. Pray for AF will be charitable to Ryan and to everyone. Pray for Liz and Scott's marriage and Aiden and Ella. Pray for Tom and Alysha's engagement, new home, van, girls. Pray for Mary and Nate's marriage and new home, cars, jobs, being pregnant, conversion, health. Pray for Mallory and PF who are in the hospital.
SUBMITTED: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 12:16pm View this prayer