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The Prison Ministry Office oversees this volunteer-based ministry that responds to the spiritual needs of those who are incarcerated in Arkansas prisons and jails. It assures that spiritual support is provided by trained volunteers on a regular basis in all prisons in Arkansas; develops and implements strategies for training and supervising volunteers; and promotes the U.S. Catholic bishops’ documents and strategies regarding prisons, detention centers and the death penalty.


Visiting — Chaplains and volunteers throughout the diocese minister to prisoners and provide them with free rosaries, Catholic Bibles and prayer books in English and in Spanish. Nearly 50 of the volunteers are Certified Religious Assistants (CRA). Chaplains and CRAs offer one-on-one in-prison spiritual counseling, sacramental services, Bible study, devotions as well as morning and evening prayers. We serve one federal prison and 14 state prisons and many county jails throughout the state.

Advocacy — The Prison Ministry Office follows state legislation that affects Arkansas prisons and works for legislation that promotes fair treatment of prisoners.