Understanding Our Church

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Praying Hours unites faithful in ‘work of God’
Tara Little, Associate Editor - Arkansas Catholic
When Betty Franzetti joins her Little Rock parish for morning prayer and Abbot Jerome Kodell, OSB, unites with his fellow monks at Subiaco Abbey to pray evening prayer, they are not only participating in the official prayer of the Catholic Church, they are carrying on a tradition that goes back t
Apostolic succession ensures faith is handed on from Christ himself
Charles T. Sullivan
“One, holy, catholic, apostolic ...” We recite these words every Sunday during the profession of our faith. They are words describing certain inherent characteristics that “mark” the true Church.
Works of mercy serve body of Christ
Linda Webster
Dr. Linda Webster has a bachelor’s degree in theology from St. Gregory University in Shawnee, Okla.
Though ancient by today’s standards, the rosary is as powerful as ever
Charlotte Miller
Years ago, when I was receiving instruction in the Catholic faith, my instructor, now Msgr. Francis I. Malone, told me about being with a family whose teenage daughter had just been killed in a car accident.
Reconciliation is necessary, natural in relationship with God, Church
Sister Mary Lou Stubbs, DC
Getting to your destination on the streets and highways of this hazardous world requires that your vehicle gets ongoing maintenance and occasional repairs.
Practicing our faith is something to do every day, not just on Sundays
Judy Hoelzeman
The Second Vatican Council’s “Dogmatic Constitution on the Church” uses the ancient term “domestic church” (ecclesia domestica) to describe the family.
No obstacle, not even former Soviet Union, can prevent God’s work
Father James P. West
His name was Andrei, and he was a political officer in the Communist Party of the former Soviet Union.
The Eucharist, the original Thanksgiving, is the eternal gift from God
Sister Cabrini Schmitz, OSB
Table of plenty! Table of hospitality! Next Thursday Americans all over the world will gather somewhere to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Family and friends will travel miles to sit around tables rich with choice festive foods.
Vatican II’s theological experts continue to shape Church today
Charles T. Sullivan
The Second Vatican Council, the 21st ecumenical council in the history of the Church, was undoubtedly the most important religious event of the 20th century.
God knows us as we are, sin, failure and all, and loves us anyway
Deacon John Marschewski
In this Sunday’s Scripture (Luke 18:9-14), Jesus takes us to a place familiar to every dedicated Jew. He begins the story, “Two people went up to the temple area to pray, one was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector ...”