IV Philosophy

Colton Ketter, Sacred Heart Church, Charleston

Attends the House of Formation in Little Rock

As long as I can remember, I had always been fascinated by the priesthood. When I was around the age of 14, I felt like I might be called to the priesthood, but I never gave any real thought to this calling. I did not allow myself to grow in my vocation, so I ignored what God had planned for me.

Throughout high school, I was involved with youth ministry in both my parish and the diocese. There were many times when I felt like I may be called to a vocation in the priesthood, but still, I would ignore this calling. I thought I had everything figured out, and I decided to go to college. I spent two years at college, but during my sophomore year, something inside me started to change.

The call I had been ignoring for so long was starting to grow, and it became hard to ignore. It became exhausting fighting God and his will for me, so I submitted myself to him. I decided it was time to let God in and ask what he wanted for my life. For so long I was concerned with what I wanted, but it was time that I gave that over to God.

Over the course of a few months, I put God first and tried to discern what it was he wanted for me. My life felt at peace when I put God’s will before my own. I attended the Come and See retreat in December 2018. It was there that I decided I would join the seminary to continue discerning a vocation to the priesthood.

I have been in the seminary for two years, and I must say that my life has changed drastically. I can see God working in my life through the formation we receive in the House of Formation and how he is preparing me for my vocation. Seminary has presented many challenges and blessings, but with the grace of God all things, good and bad, can be used for his benefit.

I continue to answer his call for my life in my last year at the House of Formation. Please pray for me as I discern the Lord’s will.

If you wish to contact Colton Ketter, please e-mail Georgina Pena in the Vocations Office or call her at (501) 664-0340. This article was published Oct. 8, 2021. Copyright Diocese of Little Rock. All rights reserved. This article may be copied or redistributed with acknowledgement and permission of the publisher.