2028 — I Philosophy

Andrew Capps, St. Paul the Apostle Church, Pocahontas

Attends the House of Formation in Little Rock

My vocation story first began whenever I had the opportunity to be an altar server in the third grade.  As I continued to serve throughout the years, a longing to bring heaven down to earth started to form, along with the wish to save people’s souls through reconciliation. However, it wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I began to truly consider and discern whether or not God was calling me into the seminary.

During the summer entering my junior year, I was blessed to attend the Steubenville Youth Conference. While in eucharistic adoration, I felt the Lord pulling at my heart. I knew he was calling me, possibly to the seminary. On the final day, the archbishop called any discerning men to come and receive a blessing. That blessing further strengthened my call to the priesthood.

My junior year brought an abundance of blessings. I joined the (diocesan) Youth Advisory Council (YAC) and Search team. I was given the ability to work with both youth and adults, form family ties and become a leader.

Throughout my entire life, several people have influenced my vocation in numerous ways. However, the greatest influences have been my family. My dad teaches me what it means to be a God-fearing man by his outstanding work ethic, how devoted he is to the Lord, and how he loves everyone with such a love that it’s inspiring. My mother’s limitless compassion, care and love for those she meets, teaches me the importance of vulnerability with others, and how that vulnerability forms a deeper connection.

My sisters teach me how to persevere through tough spots in life, and what it looks like to be strong in my beliefs. Finally, my nephew, Raycen, taught me how to enjoy the simple things in life, such as playing ball or coloring. Without all the lessons they taught me and the love they have shown, my vocation and relationship with the Lord would not be as strong or as passionate as it is.

Another significant impact on my vocation came from the events I’ve been blessed to attend. I first attended the C2SI (Catholic Charities Summer Institute) at the beginning of my freshman year. During that amazing week, my eyes were opened to how passionate I was in caring for others, not just physically, but spiritually.

My senior year of high school, I finally decided I was going to attend the Come and See Retreat hosted by the seminarians. I was already leaning towards the seminary, but being there with my brothers, having fun with them, bonding with them, I knew that was where I was meant to be. It solidified my belief that I was being called to enter the seminary.

Although my story for the seminary is just beginning, I have hope that this is the path of which the Lord is currently leading me. I will be praying for each and every one of you to have the faith to take a leap to the vocation of which the Lord is calling you.

If you wish to contact Andrew Capps, please e-mail Maria Izquierdo-Roque in the Vocations Office or call her at (501) 664-0340. This article was published July 1, 2020. Copyright Diocese of Little Rock. All rights reserved. This article may be copied or redistributed with acknowledgement and permission of the publisher.